Why are we here?

Latin for the new standard, Nova Signa was born of a necessity to change the traditional view of Sales, Marketing, and Brand.   Pivoting business development away from the norm to a fully integrated and customizable experience.  No more will there be a divide between sales and marketing but instead a harmonious relationship built on achieving the common goal, to evolve.......that is......in a perfect world.

The way business development is labeled varies in the finite detail but I think everyone can agree that the purpose is to grow the business.  I will write more on the ambiguity of business development at a later time but for now, we will state it simply as a way to make you a better company, a better product or a better service.

Historically how was this done? Funny you should ask!  CEO-driven initiatives are met with enthusiasm from Marketing departments and that results in the typical force behind new direction as a knee-jerk reaction to shallow, declining or flat sales results but how do we know they are right?  The short answer is we don't......but what if we could know?   What if the new corporate direction was decided from the sales floor instead of the creative boardroom?  A sales force is tasked with responding to the national or regional campaign that was created without any direct contribution from the people in the front lines and the marketing department is sent on a wild goose chase to catch lightning in a bottle, often times without adequate data and tools.  Let us fix this, let us collaborate and have one common goal to develop.





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